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There are a few reasons why an extraction is necessary. There may be additional teeth outside the normal 32 adult teeth in the mouth or the patient may not have enough room in their mouth to accommodate all their teeth without over crowding occurring. Also, if teeth are badly infected or broken and cannot be saved, removal may be the only option. In this case, if treatment is delayed, infection may spread to the blood stream which can lead to hospitalization or even death.

Once it’s determined an extraction is needed, the dentist takes steps to ensure that the patient is not in any pain during the procedure. This includes the application of a topical anesthetic followed by an injection of a local anesthetic to sufficiently numb the area.

Careful removal of the tooth is the next step. There are two types of extractions; simple or surgical. A simple extraction is when the entire tooth is removed all at once while a surgical extraction requires the removal of the tooth in various pieces and often sutures are placed. If sutures are placed a follow up with the doctor is usually required a week later to remove the sutures and check healing.

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