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Complete Dentures

Losing all of your teeth can be a traumatic experience. A set of complete dentures can help ease the stress of tooth loss and can bring back your smile, muscle support and function.

There are two different ways to deliver a complete denture to a patient. There is the standard method which consists of approximately five appointments that are each two weeks apart. The disadvantage to this method is the patient has to be without their teeth for an extended period of time.

The other type of denture is an immediate denture. Impressions are taken with the patient’s teeth still in the mouth and a denture is fabricated. Once the denture is back from the lab an appointment is made to extract the remaining teeth and place the denture that day. A reline will be necessary six months to a year later to correct the fit of the denture.

It will be up to the patient and the dentist to decide which method will be the best fit. Our goal is to make sure our patient is healthy, confident and happy with their new smile.

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