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Kevin - Before Teeth Whitening


Kevin - After Teeth Whitening

Kevin was concerned about his dark smile. His teeth had severe internal staining that could not be whitened with over the counter whitening products.

A combination of six porcelain veneers and six porcelain crowns were placed to restore Kevin's smile.


Dave Winsor - Before Cosmetic Dentistry
Dave Winsor - After Cosmetic Dentistry
As a teenager, Dave broke his front teeth while playing hockey. Read about how we fixed his smile.


Michelle - Before Cosmetic Surgery
Michelle - After Cosmetic Surgery
Porcelain veneers for a beautiful smile


Kevin - Before Teeth Whitening
Kevin - After Teeth Whitening
Whitening, veneers and crowns


Hillary - Before Cosmetic Dentistry
Hillary - After Cosmetic Dentistry
Natural looking smile, with veneer and crown


Helen - Before Cosmetic Dentists
Helen - After Cosmetic Dentists
Crowns and whitening for a beautiful smile


Colin - Before Cosmetic Dentistry
Colin - After Cosmetic Dentistry
We placed two permanent porcelain crowns on Colin's peg lateral teeth to improve their size and shape for a beautiful, complete smile.


Bill - Before Cosmetic Dentistry
Bill - After Cosmetic Dentistry
Spaces between teeth closed, and function improved


Crowns and veneers to improve the size and shape of Greta's front teeth for a beautiful smile

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