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Dave Winsor - Before Cosmetic Dentistry


Dave Winsor - After Cosmetic Dentistry

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"I was eating a roll, and a tooth just broke in two."

I’ve never really been comfortable with the way my teeth looked. As a teenager, I broke my front teeth while playing hockey. They were repaired a few times over the years, but never really felt correct or stable. To make things more challenging, I was diagnosed with cancer a while back. One of the side effects of chemotherapy is that it wreaks havoc on your teeth, causing them to become brittle, and that's what happened to me. A few years after my treatment ended, I was eating a roll and a tooth just broke in two. I like to smile, but always felt unsure because of the appearance of my teeth. I decided to do something about it and made an appointment to visit Maple Way Dental Care.

My first visit to Maple Way Dental Care

So, it was my first visit to Maple Way Dental Care, I was a little nervous, but I convinced myself it would be worth it. I was greeted by staff who were warm and caring and that made me feel less apprehensive. My first appointment was with Trisha, my hygienist and she immediately made me feel comfortable. She explained everything that would happen during the appointment, and helped me relax. She assured me that my teeth and gums were not beyond repair and they could help me. Then I met Dr. Rose. What a friendly, gracious and caring person. She had me laughing and pretty soon we were talking about my dental health and future needs and it felt like a conversation with a friend. She suggested that we should try whitening my teeth first (I hadn’t thought of that, but being a very public person, I thought it was a great idea). She came up with a comprehensive plan to get my oral health back on track. I was happy that I made the decision to walk through the door.

Initial step: in-office whitening

My next visit to Maple Way Dental Care was for in-office whitening. I had a lot of questions and the dental assistant, Jess was very good at explaining the process and answering all my questions. I asked about everything and Jess didn’t miss a beat. It was about an hour of treatment and the results were amazing. Who knew teeth could look that good, we hadn’t even done any structural work yet. I was a happy camper and actually took an iPhone photo and sent it to my wife…I know….I’m a geek.

Next: Modern technology used, to make a 3D image

It all started with an impression of my mouth. Dr. Rose needed to have a mold of my mouth that showed where everything was. One of the impressions was taken digitally. Modern technology is pretty cool. They used what looked like a toothbrush with a camera where the bristles would be, to scan a 3D image of my teeth. When you need to have a crown, the digital “file” of your mouth can be transmitted to the lab where they fabricate the crowns. How cool is that? Perfect fit! I was really excited to get this work done. I know, I just used the word “excited” when talking about the dentist.

Preview of the work to be done

There were a few steps involved in making my new smile. One of those things was a wax model that Dr. Rose used to actually show what my smile would look like. (Now, the only thing I ever saw that involved mouths and wax were those “lips” you’d get as a kid.) I saw the possibilities and could see a future of not having to worry about my smile or what people would think about ME because of my broken teeth. Heck, I was even eating sandwiches with a fork. That was about to end. I was ready to schedule my next appointment! Can you see what is happening? I started out being really worried about being judged by the staff as being negligent of my oral health, but they understand it all, and they don’t judge. I’ve come a long way and I’m REALLY excited about getting a new smile.

New front teeth

Now, did I mention that I had a lot of work to look forward to? But let me tell you, the folks at Maple Way Dental Care are committed to pain free dentistry! They explained about this topical anesthetic that they use that numbed me so thoroughly that I never felt ANYTHING from that point on during any of my work. I felt nothing……that was a huge relief. During my dental journey I always heard from Dr. Rose the day following extensive work, or even a small procedure. She’d call and ask how I was doing. I think that’s really cool and as you get to know Dr. Rose and the staff, you’ll find that's the norm. They really care.

While my “new” front teeth were being made at the lab (remember the digital picture of my mouth?) I was going to need some interim teeth, something to hold me over until the permanent teeth were ready. That would take about two weeks. Dr. Rose and her assistant Jess did an amazing job of making some in the office. What skill! The interim teeth worked perfectly. Now, I get to actually eat a sandwich by taking a bite. WOW. For the first time since I was a teenager I was going to have a smile that I would be proud of, and I could actually eat foods like a regular person would. I couldn't wait.

A new smile!

DELIVERY day! New teeth. A new smile. A new start. I couldn't wait! Of course I was nervous about it, but time to get going. By the way, did I mention that all the work I had undergone was painless. Never once did I experience any discomfort. The pain management at Maple Way Dental Care should serve as a standard for the industry. OK, back to my new teeth. As I sit in this chair, being the best patient I can be, my anticipation was growing. I couldn't wait to see what they created. Now, another aspect of this that I haven’t mentioned yet, is how I’m going to “sound” with new teeth. Since I work in radio, it’s critical that I don’t start sounding like a cartoon character. So, here come the new teeth and after all are cemented in place, I look in the mirror and ...

Oh my gosh! They look amazing! I mean, really amazing. I’m smiling so much it hurts. Hugs all around. Pictures to compare before and after. I feel free! It’s been a long road, but it’s also been a blessing and a redemption. You’re never too far down the path that your dental problems can’t be corrected. I guess what I’m trying to say is this: If I can do it, you can do it! Visit Maple Way Dental Care and start your own dental journey. You can improve not only your appearance but your health as well.

And, now, to take care of my new smile

So now to keep my smile healthy my daily routine includes brushing 2 times a day for 2 minutes each time. I’ve also become a big fan of flossing to get rid of the nasty parts between teeth. I mean, you wouldn’t want to eat leftover food from a couple of days ago right? Neither do your gums. That’s what causes plaque and gum disease. I’m not trying to sound too righteous about it, but great oral health is really in OUR hands.

So, that’s my story. What’s yours?


Dave Winsor - Before Cosmetic Dentistry
Dave Winsor - After Cosmetic Dentistry
As a teenager, Dave broke his front teeth while playing hockey. Read about how we fixed his smile.


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I'd like to be contacted!