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Bill - Before Cosmetic Dentistry


Bill - After Cosmetic Dentistry

Bill had an under bite that decreased chewing function. He also was looking to freshen up his smile. 

The solution was to place four upper crowns, four lower crowns, and whiten Bill’s teeth. This closed the spaces between his teeth, and improved the function of his mouth.


Dave Winsor - Before Cosmetic Dentistry
Dave Winsor - After Cosmetic Dentistry
As a teenager, Dave broke his front teeth while playing hockey. Read about how we fixed his smile.


Michelle - Before Cosmetic Surgery
Michelle - After Cosmetic Surgery
Porcelain veneers for a beautiful smile


Kevin - Before Teeth Whitening
Kevin - After Teeth Whitening
Whitening, veneers and crowns


Hillary - Before Cosmetic Dentistry
Hillary - After Cosmetic Dentistry
Natural looking smile, with veneer and crown


Helen - Before Cosmetic Dentists
Helen - After Cosmetic Dentists
Crowns and whitening for a beautiful smile


Colin - Before Cosmetic Dentistry
Colin - After Cosmetic Dentistry
We placed two permanent porcelain crowns on Colin's peg lateral teeth to improve their size and shape for a beautiful, complete smile.


Bill - Before Cosmetic Dentistry
Bill - After Cosmetic Dentistry
Spaces between teeth closed, and function improved


Crowns and veneers to improve the size and shape of Greta's front teeth for a beautiful smile

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