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Protecting Your Athletes Teeth with Mouthguards

Auburn Preventative Dental Care
Apr 27 2014

If you have an active child or teen who participates in organized sports activities, it is just as important to properly protect their teeth as it is to prevent any other injuries. A mouthguard should be a standard part of your child's athletic gear from the time they begin sports activities. According to the American Dental Association, an athlete is 60 times more likely to have an injury to the mouth when not wearing a mouthguard. The mouthguard cushions impact that may otherwise cause broken teeth, jaw injuries, or cuts to the lip, tongue or face.


Do Your Gums Bleed or Hurt?

Auburn Dentist Office
Mar 30 2014

 Many people think it is normal for your gums to bleed when they brush and floss; studies show that half of Americans over 30 have bleeding gums. Swollen and bleeding gums is an early sign that you have bacterial infection which can progress to periodontitis. Periodontitis is a severe case of gum disease; where the gums are inflamed due to buildup of calculus and bacteria. It can get so severe that the bone surrounding your teeth can recede leading to tooth loss.


Root Canal Treatment at your Auburn Dentist

Auburn Maine Dentist
Mar 21 2014

If you have been told that you need root canal treatment, you are not alone. Millions of teeth are saved every year by root canal treatment. As a patient, it is good to understand exactly why you need the treatment and how the process works.

Inside your tooth, there is soft living tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels called pulp. When there is deep decay, deep fillings, or other significant traumas to your tooth, the pulp can get injured and diseased. This causes tremendous pain and infection because the nerve itself is dying.


Emergency Dental Care in Auburn ME

Auburn ME Emergency Dental Care
Mar 11 2014

Have you ever had a dental emergency and were not able to get an appointment at a dental office near you? This won't happen at Center Street Dental, if you have an emergency occur, we will be sure to take care of you on the same day. Unbearable toothaches, cracked/broken teeth, or any other traumas can occur without warning and catch you unprepared. We will have you come in as soon as possible for an exam and x-ray for proper diagnosis and give you all of your options for treatment. Most often we are able to follow through with the treatment plan you choose.


National Nutrition Month: Foods For Your Teeth

Maine Dental Care
Mar 02 2014

The month of March is National Nutrition Month. We should always be keeping our health in mind when it comes to eating nutritiously but this month gives us the opportunity to learn new things about the foods we eat. We know what foods are bad for our teeth but we don't often learn about what foods are good for our teeth. The best food choices for the health of your mouth include cheeses, chicken or other meats, nuts, and milk. These foods are thought to protect tooth enamel by providing the calcium and phosphorus to replace tooth minerals.


Repairing Cavities in Baby Teeth is Important

Maine Pediatric Dentist - Child Oral Care
Feb 23 2014

Because your child's baby teeth have a thinner layer of enamel than permanent teeth, it is much easier for them to get cavities. Even with your best efforts to prevent cavities, sometimes your child can still get them. Once a small cavity starts, unless it is treated, the decay can rapidly spread to your child's other healthy teeth because it is a source of bacterial growth.

Early cavities are not always easily detected, so regular checkups at the dentist with a clinical exam and x-rays are necessary to catch any hidden decay.


Tooth Heros: Sealants and Fluoride

Lewiston / Auburn Maine Dentist
Feb 20 2014

In the past cavities were almost impossible to avoid but this is no longer the case. The increasing use of sealants and fluoride have allowed for a dramatic decrease in decay. Fluoride is a natural mineral that not only strengthens tooth enamel to prevent decay but also helps repair early stages of tooth decay. Fluoride is a perfectly safe and healthy form of prevention when used appropriately.


Child's First Visit to Auburn Dentist by First Birthday

Child's First Dentist Visit: Auburn Maine
Feb 09 2014

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children be seen by a dentist by their first birthday. Many parents do not realize that their child should have their first dental checkup as soon as his or her first tooth emerges. Baby teeth are especially susceptible to decay because the enamel is much thinner than permanent teeth. Tooth decay can occur as soon as your child's teeth erupt from their gums.


Bottles and Sweets: Nutrition and Your Child's Oral Health

Nutrition and Your Child's Oral Health
Feb 04 2014

Valentine's day is around the corner, with all the sweet chocolaty goodness that comes with this holiday, it can be hard to resist sweets. As we all know, chocolates, candies, gummies, soda, and juice are some of children's favorite treats. However, the longer and more frequently your child's teeth are exposed to sugar, the greater the risk of cavities.


Center Street Dental's 3rd Annual Poster Contest

Center Street Dental - Lewiston Dentist Office: Poster Contest
Jan 26 2014

Center Street Dental is excited to announce it is holding its 3rd annual poster contest in celebration of National Children's Dental Health Awareness Month this February. The theme of this year's poster contest is “Sharing Smiles”. All children K-6 of Androscoggin County are invited to participate. There will be three winners from the two categories, Kindergarden- 3rd grade and 4th - 6th grade. The winners will receive scholarships for college which will be deposited into Education Savings Accounts.


Today's Public Service Announcement: Keep Calm and Floss On

Center Street Dental - Auburn Dentist - Floss!
Jan 20 2014

Did you know that dental flossing helps aid in the prevention of gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth decay? Floss is designed to clean the spaces of your teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach. For best results, you should floss before you brush to loosen plaque and debris which can then be brushed away. The American Dental Association recommends flossing twice a day, but as we know life can get stressful, so lets all Keep Calm and Floss On!


Brush and Floss into Summer Photo Contest

Jun 13 2013

and you could win a new Apple iPad with Retina display! Center Street Dental is looking for you to snap a creative picture while you/your spouse/or kid brushes or flosses! Get out of the Bathroom, and find a fun place to show off your brushing and flossing skills! Be sure to get your family and friends to vote for you! Prizes are going to be awarded to the top three entries with the most votes. Good luck and try not to blush while you brush! To enter click here



CMCC Awards Center Street Dental

Central Maine Community College Education Foundation President's Award
Jun 05 2013

Center Street dental is proud to be the recipient of the President’s Award presented by the Central Maine Community College Education Foundation at their annual dinner on April 17th. President Dr. Scott Knapp and  Dean Roger Philippon presented Dr. Rose with the award. It was a great evening filled with fun and excitement as many local businesses and students were recognized for their outstanding achievement. Congratulations to all the recipients, and we are happy to be a part of such a wonderful celebration.  


Choosing the right floss

May 31 2013

There are many different kinds of floss and flossing aids to help keep your oral health on track. It is important to realize the best floss is the kind that is most effective for you and your mouth. If you have large gaps between your teeth you should try a thick or woven floss or tape. Use thin, waxed floss for crowded teeth or tight contacts. If dexterity or just having big hands is an issue, try water piks, electric flossers or floss sticks. For braces try picks, wedges or small brushes. You don't have to choose just one.


Join Dr. Rose and the Center Street Dental Team in The Dempsey Challenge

May 23 2013

We are excited to participate in our  first Dempsey challenge this year.  Dr. Rose has  created the Center Street Dental team and is looking for  people to join her in the  great opportunity to make a difference right here in our community! Each participant on the Center Street Dental team will receive a team t-shirt, tote bag, terry cloth head band and more!


Technology in Cavity Detection

May 09 2013

Conventional methods of detecting decay with manual probing can be ineffective. The diagnodent is 90% accurate in diagnosing early decay in the occlusal pits & fissures. The diagnodent is a laser that can get into the grooves of your teeth and detect early decay. This allows for the decay to be taken care of without local anesthetic, resulting in less damage to the tooth structure. The laser gives a reading that can be compared each time used to determine if a sealant can be placed confidently or if decay is present. The procedure is non-invasive and pain-free.


Pregnancy and Oral Health

Apr 17 2013

Pregnancy is an exciting time for the mom-to-be. It is very important to take care of your body. However, you should also know that pregnancy is a time to take extra special care of your teeth and gums. So, myth “No dentist while pregnant is absolutely false.” Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that increase your risk for gum disease. Your gums might be swollen and possibly bleed, so brushing at least 2 times a day and flossing regularly is very important. Also, nutrition is important as well. Did you know that during 2nd trimester of pregnancy teeth start to develop.


Cone Beam Scanner Technology

Mar 06 2013

Jessica Hutchinson, CDA/EFDA Nikki Woodman, Dental Assistant. The Cone Beam Scanner is an extremely useful tool that allows our doctors to prepare for implant placement surgery, check for fractures in the oral cavity and evaluate patients for TMJ dysfunction and other disorders. A 3-demensional image is produced allowing the doctor to evaluate a patient’s oral cavity and sinuses from different angels and positions unlike a standard 2-demensional x-ray.


Why do we fill cavities in baby teeth?

Feb 28 2013

If decay does occur in baby teeth it is important to remove the decay and fill the tooth for many reasons. First, the tooth is saving space for the permanent tooth when it erupts. If the baby tooth is extracted too early then the space left behind may close before the permanent tooth has the opportunity to fill it in. As a result over crowding of the permanent teeth may occur. Secondly, children need their teeth to chew on, especially the back teeth. If the tooth remains with significant decay it can be painful to chew or even worse infection can develop.



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